ACCESSORIES for sinks
Product description Capacity 0.35 liters. Mounting in a hole Ø 35mm (similar to a battery h..
28.23€ Ex Tax: 22.76€
Product description Stainless steel elements / blades. Anti-corrosion protection. Motor 0.55HP. ..
339.00€ Ex Tax: 273.39€
Identify the sink model. BASKET WITH STAINLESS N.775.1 CODE FOR NEP / WITH THE CODE: N.471, N 472..
48.00€ Ex Tax: 38.71€
275.00€ Ex Tax: 221.77€
Bowl / Colander inox Implement a number of stainless steel or granite sink models. Identify the ..
63.00€ Ex Tax: 50.81€
Product description Includes stainless bowl / strainer. Available for some sink models. Identify ..
80.00€ Ex Tax: 64.52€
CRYSTAL SURFACE CUTTING Crystal cutting surface sinks Cuadro series. EXTRA ME Code N.746 IN BLAC..
46.37€ Ex Tax: 37.40€