Ovens TEKA Compact

Ovens TEKA Compact
  Built-in coffee maker Use capsule or coffee powder 5 types of coffee maker: for Nespresso&..
719.00€ Ex Tax: 579.84€
  Built-in coffee maker Use of coffee beans or powder Capacity: 2 cups at a time Electronic ..
1,599.00€ Ex Tax: 1,289.52€
  Product description Oven & Microwave Oven Hydroclean ECO® cleaning system Capac..
659.00€ Ex Tax: 531.45€
Product description Oven & Steam Oven Hydroclean PRO® cleaning system Capacity (payable..
850.00€ Ex Tax: 685.48€
    Product description Microwave with Grill Capacity (payload): 44 liters 3 cooki..
519.00€ Ex Tax: 418.55€
Product description Oven Hydroclean PRO® cleaning system Capacity (payable): 44 liters 9 b..
415.00€ Ex Tax: 334.68€